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Forbidden City brings the favors within the walls to your table, with the Grilled Fish (kao yu) and Forbidden Pot as featured items, followed with various classics of fried rice, soup, noodles, Szechuan Specialties, and much more. 


Introducing the Forbidden Pot, a specialty boiling pot combined with all your favorite ingredients! Customize with your flavor preference of none, mild, medium, spicy or flaming; and choose from our 4 preset pot options of Spicy Hot Soup, Seafood Hot Soup, Beef Hot Soup, or Vegetable Hot Soup. Pair it with a complimentary bowl of white rice. 

Grilled Fish (kao yu) is another Forbidden City specialty. Pick your choice of fish, paired with your choice of sauce and two bowls of white rice. Customize your grilled fish with our Grilled Fish Side Items for and more exciting experience!


紫金城将特色菜带到您的餐桌上,其中以烤鱼 和一口锅为特色,其次是炒饭,汤,面条,四川特色菜等各种经典美食。


一口锅,紫金城的特色美食锅,结合了您最喜欢的食材!根据您的喜好定制,无辣, 微辣,小辣,大辣,超辣;并从我们的四种预设锅中选择:辣锅,海鲜锅,牛肉锅或蔬菜锅。将其与一碗免费的白米饭配对。




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